Influential Photos

This photograph was made by William Anders. After this photo was taken, a spacecraft lifted off to become the first mission to orbit the moon. The image shows our first full color photo of the moon and earth. I liked this photo because it looks pretty to me since I enjoy photos of space a … [Read more…]

Masters Of Photography

I chose to write about Ansel Adams. I saw his work and think its really nice looking. He takes a lot of photographs of landscapes which is what caught my attention. I like how all his photos had a feel to them. Some photos were brighter than others. The photos kind of had a gloomy … [Read more…]

Studio Strobe Photos

  I like this portrait because of the lighting. The lighting matches the photo. The woman is posing. The pose and lighting goes well. The colors she is wearing goes together. I like how it looks very professional. The woman looks serious. I like how she is sitting. I like the different colors. I like … [Read more…]